Why did we start this project?

We’re people who believe in making an impact and changing the world for the better – starting in our local community. Although growing fresh produce may not seem imperative, we believe that through Serres Max Produce we can provide an access point for greater education and healthier lifestyles. Our vision is to create a community food centre that facilitates education and collaboration.

According to PROOF researchers at University of Toronto, 1 in every 8 households in Canada were food insecure in 2017-2018. This is a huge number when you consider how agriculture is a huge sector for many Canadians. In addition, nutritional deficiencies are far more common in food-insecure household, and can lead to many health issues. (Source)

“Connecting food and family”

Everest HUGHES

Chief Executive Officer

Everest grew up on a rural farm in southern Alberta with outdoor crops, greenhouses and an abundance of animals. He knows firsthand the work that goes into cultivating, preparing and selling fresh, local produce. Everest believes that strong communities are fostered by food that is grown locally, sustainably and caringly. He is focused on business development and analysis and holds an honours degree in Business Management from the University of British Columbia.


Site Supervisor

Jacques Ouellette is well known in New-Brunswick as a TV show host and for his 23 years of media involvement. He has spent the past five years working for QuadNB as their Development Coordinator. In 2018, Jacques first visited the Madran greenhouse facility. He immediately saw the immense potential that the site held, and, like a seed, that interest has blossomed into reality. His passion and work ethic have been invaluable to the success of the project.

Christopher R. ANDERSON


Mr. Anderson brings over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience with ‍‍‍an astute emphasis on strategic planning, communications, and creative marketing. He has been instrumental in facilitating tens of millions of dollars of financing for both public and private enterprises. With experience in multiple industries with a multitude of companies, no project is out of scope for Mr. Anderson.


Greenhouse Technician

Jenny has extensive education and knowledge on horticulture and agriculture. She understands plant sciences such as botany, biology, physiology, pathology, mycology and nutrition. In addition, Jenny is well versed in feeding schedules, pest management, cultivation, cloning, seeding, transplanting, and pruning. Her greenhouse management skills include temperature, humidity, ventilation, daily light integral, SOPs and GMP procedures for all practices including sanitation and leachate disposable.


Team Member, CPA

Jonathan is a Chartered Professional Accountant with over 17 years’ experience in accounting and finance. He has worked with several Not-for-Profits and Private Corporations. He has also previously volunteered his time as a Board Member for a Not-For-Profit organization responsible for community engagement in the greater Ottawa region.


Founder, Grow Calgary

Paul is the founder of Grow Calgary, a non-profit organization whose primary mandate is to provide food security and food access for all people in Calgary, AB. They do this by using land allocated to them by the local municipality and donating it to Compassionate Food Access Agencies in Calgary. In addition, Grow Calgary seeks to grow people through their strong volunteer network and educational endeavors.

Giving Back

Our company will be able to increase food access by donating healthy produce to food banks and institutions that can redistribute it to those in need. We look forward to building partnerships with food security organizations to support their community programs and promote access to healthy food in the region.