Why did we start this project?

According to PROOF researchers at University of Toronto (2017-2018), 1 in every 8 households in Canada are food insecure. That’s a big number, especially considering just how large Canada’s argiculture sector is. In food insecure households, nutritional deficiencies are far more common, which can result in a number of significant health issues. (Source)

Although growing fresh, local produce might seem small, we believe that through Serres Max Produce we can provide an access point for healthier, more informed living. We’re people who believe in making an impact and changing the world for the better, starting in our own community. Our vision is to create a community food centre that facilitates education and collaboration.

“Connecting food and family”

Giving Back

Our company will be able to increase food access by donating healthy produce to food banks and institutions that can redistribute it to those in need. We look forward to building partnerships with food security organizations to support their community programs and promote access to healthy food in the region.